"For the Use of the People and the Glory of the City"   



                  About Friends of the Historic City Auditorium 

The Friends of the Historic City Auditorium is a non-profit group of Colorado Springs citizens who are passionate about the preservation of this magnificent historic landmark.

The Friends volunteer their time - to raise money for upgrades to The City Auditorium, promote paid usage of The City Auditorium, thus making The Auditorium a viable asset for the City, and create renovation plans to be implemented as assets permit.


Who can become a member of Friends of the City Auditorium?

If you have a passion for the preservation of The Historic City Auditorium, ...then you can become a member of...Friends of the Historic City Auditorium. 

The Friends always welcome new ideas and new energy.


Board Members of "Friends" - 2013/2014

President - Bob Jordan

Vice President - Dave Weesner

Treasurer - Bob Wade

Secretary - Ivor Frazier

Members at Large - Renee Coker, Ron Theisman, Tom Webb

Past President - Jo Peterson